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We Are Your Reliable Partner and Best Provider for the highest level of concierge services

AENEAS CORPORATE SERVICES LLC (“Aeneas”) is a specialized services company focused on providing the highest level of concierge services to its clients. Aeneas specializes in working with Registered Investment Advisors (“RIA”) whose clients require or need services beyond the services of wealth or investment management or services that cannot be provided by the RIAs directly. RIAs find Aeneas’s services highly useful to provide a 3rd party and separate the responsibilities of wealth management and provide independence of reporting and avoid any potential implied conflict of interest. Aeneas’s officers, directors, and team of attorneys and certified public accountants have over 150 years of combined experience.


Aeneas has gathered a group of highly experienced attorneys, accountants, banks, Trustees, and other advisors. Aeneas provides a “ONE-STOP-SHOP” which provide the following services:


Corporate administration

Many of Aeneas’s clients have legal entities in the United States of America which they use as investment vehicles and holding companies. These holding companies require proper administration to organize and coordinate with state entities, attorneys, and accountants.

US based

Bookkeeping services

For those clients which have a U.S. holding company, Aeneas provides bookkeeping services to meet the requirements of proper tax reporting to the U.S. government and tax agencies. We provide monthly and/or quarterly financial statements which follow proper U.S. accounting standards in preparation for tax reporting.


Legal services

Aeneas has contracted “best-in-class” attorneys that specialize in the particular needs of its clients. Aeneas acts as an agent to its clients here in the U.S., and it has different and separate attorneys that specialize in international tax, Trust formation and planning, company registration and corporate documents, etc.


Insurance services

We work with insurance companies which provide life policies including specialized products for international clients, offering both asset protection, succession and retirement planning. These life insurance products can be an invaluable tool for transfer of wealth, business succession planning, etc., and very importantly, are tax deferred and for most foreign residents are completely free of any U.S. inheritance taxation.


Tax services

Aeneas has contracted multiple Certified Public Accounting firms to provide tax preparation, review the financial statements, bank statements, vendor invoices, to ensure compliance and proper tax reporting to the U.S. tax agencies.


Administrative services

Aeneas is a one stop shop. Aeneas will take care of additional services and other concierge services if and when requested and needed.


Aeneas Corporate Services LLC (“Aeneas”) is a company that provides administration, bookkeeping, and other services to its corporate clients. This communication should not be deemed as an offer or solicitation to buy or sell any product. Any 3rd party information contained herein was prepared by sources deemed to be reliable, but is not guaranteed.

Please note that Aeneas is not a law firm or a public accounting firm, nor its Members or officers, attorneys or Certified Public Accountants. Any legal and tax services or advice are provided by registered members of the American Bar Association or Certified Public Accountants and directed to Aeneas’s clients as an agent to its clients without modification or any personal opinion of the officers, directors or representatives of Aeneas Corporate Services LLC.

Aeneas’s clients are responsible to verify with its own legal and tax advisors or to have Aeneas provide direct contact with the attorneys or tax advisors should you have any questions or doubts regarding any information provided by said 3rd party service providers.